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Hello and thank you for stopping by our "About Us" page.  

Let me start with a simple introduction. I’m Annie, the owner and operator of this little adventure we call "Dream Farm Vitamins."  I am a 40-something wife and mom with a desire to help others live longer, healthier lives through lifestyle, healthy eating, and supplements. As a result of my own health-struggles, I have gained a passion to learn all I can about health and well-being. This means, LOTS of reading, researching, listening and talking to knowledgeable health advocates, and lots of tries, failures, and successes in my own journey to become healthly. 
My hope is that at Dream Farm Vitamins you will find the best natural supplements and health food products at good prices. I will also pass along things I've discovered along the way.  For years I've had a dream to combine my passions for nutrition and helping people -- Dream Farm Vitamins is the next step forward!  I want this website and the blog to be more than simply the sale of vitamins. I want to help educate people and spur them on in their journey to better health.  And as part of my dream, I ultimately want to expand and start my own organic "Dream" farm. With this store and my organic farm, I hope to be of service to my community, as both a resource for nutritional support as well as providing my community with food in its best form, wholesome and locally grown. 
I have struggled with my weight and health ever since my first child was born. Through these struggles, I have developed both a great compassion for the health of others and a growing knowledge of health-related products. I want to pass this along to you and I'm hoping that you will benefit from my passion, knowledge, research, and supplies.
Over the years, I have found limited help from traditional medical doctors for my problems. Its not that Doctors are bad, I just believe the traditional medical system simply doesn't train Doctors in alternative approaches to dealing with health issues. I have, however, found a great deal of help and healing in the health food community. There I found vitamins, herbs, alternative ways to eat, and supplements that have improved my well-being. One of my many passions is to help others find the same nutritional healing I have found. That's what birthed this vitamin store. And, that is what fuels my dream to have a completely organic farm. 
I hope you'll consider making Dream Farm Vitamins your vitamin/supplement store.
Dreaming of great health and more,