My Experience with Hair Loss -- my hair has become thin and is falling out

I have lost a significant amount of hair. I had thick, healthy hair until my first child was born (“I was healthy until my first child was born” seems to be a recurring theme). After each of my 3 pregnancies I experienced heavy hair loss in the months following each baby’s birth. I know this is a common phenomenon in new moms and many mothers eventually stop losing their hair and their original thickness comes back.

That didn’t happen with me. My hair has remained dramatically thinner. I have pondered and researched this problem and this is what I’ve found – having 4 children in 5 years (including a set of twins) depleted my body of key hair-growing nutrients. Even though hair loss is stimulated by some hormones, I believe lack of nutrients may have played a part. Over the years I have tried various nutrients to find the ones to improve my thinning hair.

Magnesium, Viviscal, a good B-complex, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid are the ones I believe have made a difference. I have recently read about iodine and I am trying that now. I will update this blog if iodine seems to help.

I also found that Progesterone cream seemed to help with my hair loss. I started using Progesterone Cream several years ago for PMS, but noticed it also helped my hair grow. I have noticed obvious patches of new hair growth where my hair had been previously thinning. I don’t know the exact reasons why Progesterone causes my hair to grow. I believe it balanced my hormones and in turn stimulated my hair growth.

Lastly, I feel that making sure my thyroid was healthy and working properly has increased my hair growth substantially. I was diagnosed with a slow thyroid 10+ years ago. I was then given an Armour Thyroid prescription and iodine drops (Lugol’s Solution). After taking them for some time, I noticed increased hair growth. I believe taking care of my thyroid probably helped me the most with my hair growth. If you have hair loss there could be a medical or nutritional reason. I encourage you to do your research and find things that work for you. Don’t give up, thicker hair may be right around the corner.