My Experience with Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

I have had heel pain off and on for years but it got really bad in the spring of 2010. The pain was consistent with everything I’ve read about plantar fasciitis…the pain was worse with my first steps in the morning. It hurt a great deal if I walked or stood for a long time and it was definitely a sharp pain in my heel. I read about stretching exercises and tried them; they did seem to help a little, but not enough. I decided to see a doctor because we were going on vacation to an amusement park that summer and I couldn’t imagine walking around all day with that kind of pain.

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. There was a significant calcification under the sole of my right foot. I was fitted with an expensive boot to wear at night, keeping my foot in a flexed position. I’m not sure it helped, yet it made for an uncomfortable sleep. My foot would somehow twist/slip out of the boot so it was no longer flexed (even when the boot was tightly and securely fastened). I gave up and searched for other answers.

Someone told me that magnesium oil worked to get rid of heal spurs. I thought, “that sounds like a cheap and easy option and magnesium is good for the body in so many ways, I’ll try it for a couple of months”. I sprayed it on my right foot every night for about 8 weeks…and it worked!! 2 ½ years later I have not had even a twinge of heal pain and I’m sure my body benefited in many other ways from that topical dose of magnesium!