My Experience with PMS

For me, PMS has been an unpleasant problem for many years. Usually 1 week out of every month life isn’t so pretty (at least in my mind). I’m mostly positive but then I wake up 1 day and think, “ I don’t like life at all”. I‘d look at the calendar and know that my roller coaster week has begun. During that week I’d feel irritated, depressed, weepy etc. You’re probably reading this because you’re looking for help. You know what I’m talking about!

It took a long time to find healing, but recently I feel I’ve had some breakthrough. About 5 years ago I began using topical progesterone cream. Using it on day 14-30 seemed to reduce my PMS feelings by 40% to 50% but it never totally got rid of them. Recently I readMagnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean (good book, I recommend it) and added about 600 Mg of magnesium malate a day and applied at least 12 sprays of magnesium oil to my skin daily. I originally started taking magnesium for other issues, but realized that for 2 cycles in a row I had no PMS symptoms. Magnesium supplementation was the only thing I had done differently, which leads me to believe it is magnesium that has alleviated my PMS symptoms. Sometime later I read that some studies had shown magnesium to improve PMS. It will take a good year to make me feel absolutely sure that magnesium has ended my PMS, but I feel fairly confident that it (along with progesterone cream) is the final nail in the PMS coffin.